Current knowledge on vaccines, variants, reinfections, PCR tests, and COVID-19 deaths: A Seminar

On February 24, I gave a presentation (video link here) to the Messiah University Business Institute talking about various topics, including :

  • Are COVID-19 deaths and/or cases being overcounted?

  • How long does immunity last, and are reinfections common?

  • What do we know from the clinical trials about vaccine safety and efficacy?

  • Do the vaccines really protect against infection and transmission or do they just reduce symptoms?

  • What information is coming out of Israel about vaccine efficacy?

  • Are the vaccines safe? How can we know?

  • What are the SARS-CoV-2 variants, and should be worried?

  • What can we expect going forward.

The presentation is a little over an hour with questions.

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