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Large Study Identifies Key Risk Factors of COVID-19 Death in Hospitalized Patients

This medRxiv paper (not peer reviewed yet) presents a cohort study of >17 million medical records that includes >5500 COVID-19 related deaths, and identifies which factors best explained the risk of death. Thanks Jason Clark for sharing!

Notable observations:

* The age risk factor is huge -- 80+ are at least 40-50x more at risk of death than children, and >10x risk of 50-60 year old. We clearly need to prevent our elders from getting this disease.

* Men have 2x the risk.

* African Americans and Asians about 2x risk after adjusting for other factors.

* Obesity major risk, especially morbid obesity.

* Of health factors, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease are clear risk factors.

* Surprisingly, hypertension not a significant risk factor after adjusting for other factors.

* Unsurprisingly, recent cancers especially blood cancers are high risk.

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