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New PolicyLab Dashboard to Track Numbers for School Openings

The PolicyLab team of collaborators at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania has assembled a new data dashboard of county-level case/100k and testing positivity data for schools around the country to use to track their numbers to determine decisions for school opening, hybrid openings, and virtual learning.

The dashboard shows a map of the USA with color-coded testing positivity numbers, and the ability to select a state and then county within that state to look at the numbers.

These include:

  1. Plot of daily or weekly cases per 100k population with red, yellow and green lines matching the PolicyLab recommended levels, with raw data and 7 day moving averages overlaid, and a dial showing change from previous week.

  2. Plot of 7-day Average testing positivity rate, again with the recommended cutpoints from PolicyLab. A hidden tab behind testing positivity contains the daily raw testing data, which can help diagnose whether sudden shifts in testing positivity seem to be driven by changing testing practices. Good to look at -- over time some places greatly reduce their testing and this impacts the interpretation of the case and testing positivity numbers.

Our leader David Rubin will be on Good Morning America presenting this dashboard -- hopefully this can make potential impact to help schools around the country monitor their community viral levels and make their school opening decisions. Shout out to Vickie Tam who has worked hard on the dashboard!

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