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Podcast interview on “Th Vax”: Real World Vaccine Safety

Surani's second podcast in the series is now up -- this one talks about safety. I was one of the interviewees on this podcast.

The discussion covers:

1. Some of the key serious adverse events that have arisen with the mRNA and viral vector vaccines, including anaphylaxis, myocarditis, clotting syndromes, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, with discussion of which vaccines have been linked with these concerns.

2. The importance of the post-approval safety monitoring system intended to detecting serious adverse events that might be caused by the vaccines, including both passive open reporting systems like VAERs in the USA with reported events after vaccination (not necessarily caused by) and active medical-record-based systems to follow up on safety signals identified from passive monitoring comparing vaccinated and matched unvaccinated cohorts to validate whether these events are indeed higher in vaccinated cohorts.

3. Contextualizing risk of adverse events after vaccination vs. risk of complications after infections, and discussion of individual's evaluation of their personal risk-benefit decision.

4. Evaluating claims of some so-called "vaccine safety alarmists" who are claiming, on the basis of open reporting system data like VAERs, that the vaccines are inherently dangerous and "killing hundreds of thousands or more" in the USA alone.

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