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Using Data Science to Better Understand COVID-19

I was interviewed by Dr. Steven Wexner, MD, for the American College of Surgeons as part of their "From the Frontlines" interview series.

We discussed various issues, including

  • the idea of "wartime science"

  • balancing the need to keep viral spread under control vs. keeping society functioning as normal as possible

  • what we've learned about how SARS-CoV-2 spreads

  • what this implies for our mitigation strategies, including mask-wearing

  • how to identify outbreaks as they emerge using available public data

  • a little bit about the PolicyLab modeling and county-level projections and how they help identify counties at risk for surge

  • discussion of role of media and government officials, and how scientists can contribute to getting clear, accurate messages to the public

  • having a balanced message, mindful of avoiding extremes of denial and alarmism.

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The most balanced treatment of the school opening debate I’ve seen.


Great job! Wonderful to see balanced information and how everything is related.

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