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What the COVID-19 Crystal Ball Predicts for Texas in July

Collaborator David Rubin from CHOP, the leader of the PolicyLab COVID-19 modeling efforts, did a podcast for "Y'all-itics" with Jason Whitley and Jason Wheeler about the recent surge in Houston and other cities in Texas.

Excellent and infomative podcast! David's part of the podcast is the first 18 minutes or so. Here are some of the main points made by David:

  • How the prediction model works, and how it is useful to identify hotspots for early interventions.

  • The Texas surge happened not from reopening too soon, but reopening too quickly without the proper precautions -- without adequately limiting the crowding at indoor places and without mask wearing.

  • If the community responds by being a little more careful, these trends can be corrected and flattened.

  • Why mask-wearing is so central to safe reopening, and why we did not look at mask-wearing earlier in the pandemic.

Great podcast, and some outstanding insights by David very clearly expressed!

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