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2 minute summary of what we should be doing about the pandemic

ZdoggMD is a doctor who has become a charismatic entertaining purveyor of medical information online, who has been making frequent videos discussing aspects of the pandemic.

I have a hard time finding much of anything that this guy says about the pandemic that I disagree with. He gets "IT" and understands the balanced, holistic approach that I also think we need to take in managing this pandemic.

This short 2 minute video succinctly conveys the philosophy of how we should handle the pandemic, and I fully agree with it (except the part where he says we caused the pandemic by eating wild animals -- I'm not sure we really know that is where the virus first jumped to humans).

Here is the link to the video:

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Well....ZDogg just lost my vote on this one!


Not clear how washing hands or wearing mask alone will impact the apparent catastrophic recent spread of virus infection. A more evidentiary effort, acknowledging that "this is NOT a test. this is NOT a choice of hypotheticals. this s**t is REAL and requires some painful responses," is required. The tired response of "save the children and put them in school to socialize and learn", "let those people who need to work, go to work" are nothing but excuses for a lapsed and incompetent political apparatus which does not acknowledge reality and fears more for its own political life than for the lives of its citizens they allegedly serve. Doing the same thing - business as usual - and expecting thin…

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