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Brief comment on football, school, and getting this surge under control

The SEC commissioner said "we are running out of time" to get the virus under control if there is going to be a college football season.

More people are starting to realize how serious this surge is and what it means for the fall. We need to stop politicizing common sense and need to come together as a nation in following the key targeted mitigation steps that will flatten this surge and prevent future surges. It can be done — we know the settings with greatest risk Of spread: indoors, large groups, poor ventilation, lack of social distancing, lack of mask wearing. We can’t have 1/3 or 1/2 of the country following this common sense — we all need to do it, or at least a very high proportion.

What’s at stake is immense: yes the NCAA fall season, the NFL/NBA/MLB seasons for sports fans, but also more significantly the school year for children, teens, college students and teachers as well as our physical, mental, and economic well being.

Even if you have doubts about whether the virus’ danger is being overblown or not, or confidently believe it IS being overblown, please just follow these common sense precautions just in case — it could make all the difference in the world.

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