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Current NIH Guidelines for COVID-19 Treatment

Current NIH recommendations on Covid-19 Treatment: * No treatment shown to be safe and effective yet. * Remdesivir and HCQ/CQ said to have "insufficient evidence for or against their use" but warned to monitor heart rhythm on HCQ/CQ * Also "insufficient clinical data to recommend for or against" use of convalescent plasma or hyperimmune immunoglobulin or IL-6 or IL-1 inhibitors * Recommend against use of HCQ+Azithromycin, the combination pumped up by Trump, except for clinical trials because of potential for cardiac toxicities * Recommend against use of HIV protease inhibitors including Lopinavir/ritonavir because of unfavorable pharmacodynamics and poor clinical trial results. * Also Recommend against use of other immunomodulators including interferons because if ineffectiveness for SARS/MERS and Janus Kinase inhibitors because of broad immunosuppressive effect.

Still hoping some clinical trials will show that SOMETHING might systematically work in some setting and be safe.

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