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Judy Mikovits and COVID-19

People keep passing around links to a ~30 minute video "documentary" by Judy Mikovits making all kinds of claims, some regarding COVID-19 and Fauci, and I keep being asked about her. This video keeps getting taken down by YouTube as misleading and false information, which to some fans the flame of thoughts that it is revealing some sort of truth that is being suppressed.

I watched the video, and there is a rambling presentation of various ideas, none of them well developed or supported with evidence, jumping from one topic to another with each topic having an element of intrigue that would hook a listener but jumping to another before developing the idea, connecting coherently to the previous ones, or addressing any potential objections that one might raise about the claim.

Essentially she is claiming that there is an international conspiracy led by Andrew Fauci and others in government that involves manipulating microbes and effectively causing diseases, suppressing unpatentable effective treatments while getting patents for ineffective ones to make lots of money treating these diseases. This conspiracy is perpetuated by the academic journals that push these false ideas and the NIH, whose grant funding she characterizes as payoff money to keep this conspiracy secret and get others to play along, and all scientists as paid-off stooges playing along because of the reward of riches and fame from NIH funding. Throughout, she claims various government agencies, including HHS, CRC, DOJ, and the NIH including NIAID are heavily involved in this conspiracy and coverup over the past four decades under numerous different administrations. She even claims that "the whole world would be healthy" if not for this conspiracy.

She claims she is being suppressed and persecuted by all of these groups because she is the one who discovered this great true international conspiracy. She paints herself as a true hero, not only being the one who has uncovered this massive and all consuming conspiracy, but also apparently being one of the greatest scientists of all time, in this mere 25 minutes claiming that she and her work have:

1. Confirmed and isolated AIDS in 1983 when it was contained in France, and if not for Fauci's greed and work to delay its publication (and take credit for it) the AIDS epidemic would have never happened.

2. Discovered that research using animal and human fetal tissue was responsible for many plagues, including autism and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also suppressed.

3. Found a treatment for autism using widely available drug that would basically cure the symptoms but this was suppressed and the drug's availability prevented by the establishment as part of this conspiracy.

4. Her work in 1999 on Ebola virus at Fort Deitrich was what taught Ebola to infect humans, before that research Ebola was not capable of human infection.

If she in fact did all of this, then she truly might be the greatest biomedical researcher of all time.

She implies that COVID-19 is part of this conspiracy, insinuated it was caused as part of this conspiracy, foreshadowed and apparently orchestrated by Fauci, with effective treatments suppressed so that Fauci and Bill Gates who apparently own patent for "the" vaccine can get rich by providing this vaccine to the entire world, which by the way will not work and will kill millions because no vaccine for an RNA-based virus has ever worked. At various points she rambles through several causes of COVID-19 that are difficult to follow, as being actively developed as part of US-Wuhan collaboration, or coming from flu vaccines, coming from mask wearing that somehow reflects our own coronaviruses inside of us back on ourselves (maybe from the flu vaccine we received?), or coming from restrictions on going to beaches that prevent us from receiving "healing microbes from sand and salt water," or being purposely spread by suppression of effective cheap treatments so everyone will have to get a vaccine. I have a little trouble following her logic, but then again, it is obvious she is a much more brilliant scientist than any of the rest of us, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised in my inability to follow her logic.

So, maybe the entire medical world in the past 40 years is a vast conspiracy (at which Fauci is the center) to make people sick, suppress effective treatments while gaining patents to get rich off ineffective treatments, and she is the one genius who has figured all this out, as evidenced by her work that apparently make her very quietly the greatest biomedical researcher of all time.

Or maybe she is an individual with delusions of grandeur about herself and is prone to seeing conspiracies in everything, and is trying to make lots of money from the book she is about to sell.

I'll leave it to you to assess which is the more likely option. Sometimes it's hard to be certain of the truth and we have to make inferences based on available evidence.

Let's not waste our time on this garbage. There is a lot we need to learn about this virus devastating the world -- our energy needs to be spent on figuring it out and following the guidelines that emerge from this process so we can manage it and eventually defeat it. This kind of stuff distracts society from this task at hand and furthers the divisions that prevent us from working together to accomplish this.

BTW, here is a great point-by-point refutation of the specific points she makes (some of it is pretty funny):

Part 3 (to come)

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